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Have You Seen Young Kids Rage ? Jasmine Badge

Have you seen young kids with rage?

Abandonment Rage/wound: Rage that often comes from feelings of helplessness and fear of rejection. The rage and anger are an attempt to protect you from the vulnerability that exists when someone you’re attached to is leaving you.

Have you reserved your free pass of Parenting-101 yet?

~ JB ~

Tiny humans need connection not perfection. Jasmine Badge

Too often we think that a child needs to learn. Too often we look back at our own childhood and think we should have done better. In actual fact what needs to improve is our adult understanding of the emotional biological and social needs of child growing up. We’re all imperfect parents and that’s perfectly ok. Tiny humans need connection not perfection. ~ Heart To Heart Psychotherapy

To Parent Perfectly Is A Mirage Jasmine Badge

To parent perfectly is a mirage. There is no ideal parent and no ideal child. Parenting is a dual process of growth for both the child and the parent. Our children will be the wisest teachers we have ever known. As parents, each of us tries the best we can with the resources we have. Parenting is a learning process and it is important to find the approach that works for us as parents and the child. Pay attention. Let them teach. Raise them while facing new parts of ourselves. Becoming knowledgeable about and experimenting with as part of educating ourselves on how to be the right parent to our child. If you think 14 years is a long time, I kid you not! Today my youngest is turning 14 and I wish time passes a little slower … ~ JB